Crystal Vision Marketing & Consulting

What Makes Us  Unique

~ We believe that your local business, and others just like yours, are the life-blood of every community. 
~ We believe that you deserve effective, affordable tools to market and grow like the big boys.
~ We believe that you need powerful innovation and new ways to do old marketing things.
~ We believe you need all this without stress so you can run your businesses.

~ We believe we are different. 
~ We believe that our personal business experiences help us understand your business. 
~ We believe you need quick wins that you can feel in your bottom line.  
~ We believe you will be pleasantly surprised!


I grew up in our family construction business where it was easy to see that nothing is more important than integrity and reputation. Especially in a small town.

Forever grateful for the example set by my parents, I learned a solid work ethic. I also learned that having the right tool for the job is a universal principal for all aspects of business, not just on the job site.  Having the right marketing tools for the job is no exception.  The way people search for products and services today is vastly different from just a few years ago.

There are thousands of quality businesses who are great at what they do; but lack the time, energy or knowledge to use the tools it takes to market their business on the web.  I am betting that since you are reading this page, you are one of them.

Bobbie Nabinger

There are a few things you should know right up front...

  • First I want you to know that I personally speak with each business owner at the beginning of our business relationship.  I want to know each one of our clients. 
  • Second, I want you to know that I have built a team that understands the daily grind of business.  We listen to understand so we can help you grow.  
  • Third, you won't find the same old "one size fits all approach"!    I want to make sure me and my team understand what makes you and your business special and unique.  
  • Forth, and we think this is pretty important to you... we focus on services that are powerful, affordable and give you tremendous leverage in creating business growth!

What Our Clients Say...

Office Manager at Professional Home Inspection Service

After a thorough audit, Bobbie corrected errors in our online listings, optimized our Google My Business account and worked with us to customize a method of gathering reviews. We learned that not all systems of gathering reviews are created equal! Bobbie listened to us and made sure our system works with our method of doing business and for our customers. Now we easily gather reviews from our customers each week.

Plus we achieved our original goal! Not only did we move up in Google rank and Google Maps for mobile from #9 to #1, but we also have 4 times as many reviews!

We look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Bobbie and her team at Crystal Vision Marketing & Consulting.

Bonnie Kinner Office Manager

Owner at New York Water Girl

After 16 years in the water treatment industry, I took the leap of faith to start my own business! I am an expert in my industry, not websites, google or any of that. I didn't know how I was going to get people to find me online, let alone master marketing & communication.

Bobbie and her team took all that stress away! Now I don't feel or look like a "start-up"! And I don’t have to worry about not having enough time to do important things for my business because Crystal Vision Marketing & Consulting has freed up what time I would spend on marketing and communications. I show everyone their work! I love, love, love the systems they put in place to grow my business with me.

Tracy Urbassik Owner

President, NYS AARST

Bobbie I can't thank you enough for helping me out with NYS AARST and Constant Contact. You did a great job and I appreciate it. You are a true professional. Thanks George

George Schambach Radon Professional

All that being said...I invite you to take a quick online audit of your business.  

Go ahead, it's free!  Then let's talk about what you find.