Have you ever wanted to do more with your Facebook cover image?

Do you wonder how other businesses are utilizing theirs?

Before we dig into all the innovation that awaits you in this article, I'll start by saying that your cover image is one of the best online spaces to tell visitors more about your brand, your reputation, your products, or services or to place a specific call to action. That is a bold claim.  Stay with me, while I back it up. 

Do you know that one of the biggest obstacles business owners and marketers alike share when posting to any social media platform?

Yes, I know we are speaking specifically about Facebook cover images today, but this obstical is universal.  Here it is: The social media platform controls who and how many people will see your posts!  Every platform has a specific algorithm justifying this behavior relating to many factors including follower engagement.

You may ask yourself, "OK then why are we talking about social covers if we have no control?".  Here's the key to getting a crystal vision about social covers... they are part of BRANDING!  

Every change or update you make to your branding is automatically posted to EVERY follower's timeline on the platform regardless of their level of engagement!! This is because branding criteria tells the world about your business rather than sharing something you are saying. Yes, that means that when you update your branding, including your social cover, EVERY ONE of your followers on that platform gets to see that post on their timeline! 

Social covers are the only way to reach each and every one of your followers regardless of their engagement level! Powerful eh?  Now let's get to the cool stuff!  As promised, here you will discover 9 innovative ways to use this valuable Facebook cover Images to grow your business.

# 1:  Special Announcements 

Social media use has increased significantly over the past 2 years due largely in part by the many people searching for status updates realting to the pandemic. Businesses, organizations, news outlets and even the medical field are using soical media to share important updates, information, new hours, business open statues, cubside pickups, hands-free or touch-free services and the list goes on and on. 

There are roughly 2.89 million monthy active users on facebook right now!  Chances are your customers are on there too. Remember when I said that EVERY one of your followers gets notified of a branding change and that your Facebook cover image is considered branding?  How smart is it to use this opportunity to let ALL of your followers know your current announcements or status?  Do you have new hours? Are you featuring select services?  Are you implementing the 7 point sagety protocaol at your business?

Essential business Pack and Mail NY is taking this opportunity to highlight 3 new updates for their customers: 1. New extended hours 2. Featured services and 3. The 7 point safety protocol.  Check out their new cover image above.

# 2:  Highlight Your 5 Star Reputation

Cubed Naturals

With all those active users on Facebook and the fact that covers are considered branding, what better form of branding could you share than your own 5-STAR reputation? One of the best things about reviews is that it is NOT you saying you're great. Reviews are the equivalent of word of mouth advertising that has been around since the  beginning of time.

It's no secret that positive reviews attract customers while negative reviews can have a negative effect on a customers buying decision.  It's the norm now to check a company's reviews. We all do it and whether we realize it or not, it affects our buying choices.  Any company can put up a great ad, but a company with a great reputation and a great ad is more likely where consumers are spending their money.  Highlighting your 5-STAR reputation in your cover puts your reputation on display for everyone to see who visits your page. Plus, it's a great idea to change up your cover often with a few different reviews since every one of your followers gets that branding post. It's one more way to increase your trust with your followers.

# 3: Inspire a Purchase

You may have noticed that video is getting a lot of attention for demonstrating how people use different products or services. However, it's true that the very same opportunities still exist with images. When you use a powerful or emotion-evoking image in your Facebook cover, you're suggesting to your customers what they may experience when they engage with your business.

Let's take a look at the author, Kathy Ann Corse's Facebook cover image on her page "All That I Had".  Displaying her book with a "Happy Birthday" card and opened gift wrapping is sending a specific message. It's subtle, yet you see how this strategy of painting her book in this manner that says, "this is something special."  It's a creative method to suggest a purchase since we all know someone with a birthday coming up.

# 4: Share Your Value Proposition

Do you have a few select words that define your business? By a few, I mean 5 or less? Among the very best and most basic ways to make an impact with your Facebook cover image is to challenge yourself to find unique, imaginative ways to "one-liner" your value proposition.  Then present it front and center, directly to the individuals who discover your brand on Facebook.

That's precisely what Visionworks Eyewear did with their current cover photo. It's a clever, sharp, one-liner that expresses who they are and what they can do.

# 5: Express Your Personality

Any type of visual content is a substantial part of marketing, and it's one of the most excellent opportunities to display who you are and the personality behind your business or service.  Your cover image is a fabulous area to showcase content that lines up with how you present your brand in other locations online.

Tracy Urbassik at New York Water Girl uses her cover image to show off her company's personality together with a creatively, refreshing display of her primary service, water treatment, to get your attention.  When you follow her around online, you will find the personality of the New York Water Girl is consistent in all of her branding. Super effective!

# 6: Appeal to the Senses

Every business in the food service industry such as restaurants, dining establishments, catering, and the like, has an outstanding chance to capture attention with enticing images of tasty offerings. Seasonal modifications that feature new dishes and menu updates can be switched out on your Facebook cover images to showcase what's new on the menu together with special promotions.

Although this can be an effective place to have a call to action to describe a product or promotion designed to get visitors moving; in some cases, it doesn't hurt to let the product or item image promote itself. 

Red Lobster takes that approach by displaying a close-up of their seafood feast. With this zoomed-in shot, you feel like you are sitting right at the table.  

In the very same way, Outback Steakhouse flaunts its mouth-watering steak and savory blooming onion.  People who love the appearance of a juicy steak can hardly resist the temptation to head to their local steakhouse.

#7: Inspire Creativity

Your Facebook cover photo doesn’t always have to be a place for explicit advertisement and promotion. Sometimes the strongest message and the best results stem from letting creativity take over.

Take a cue from American Girl Place, whose cover photo is a creative play on the imagination of women competing at the Olympics. The toys at this store are based on a line of books, dolls, and accessories that teach girls about different time periods in American history. The line has expanded to include modern dolls other toys, but the spirit is the same. Fun can be had even with the simplest of things.

# 8: Sell the Experience 

Companies that used to simply just sell their products or services now attract customers with extensions of their services such as classes, social experiences, workshops, and more. They do this because people want experiences.

Don't just sell the product, offer the experience!

Businesses can do extremely well promoting their products or services with their Facebook cover image, but why stop there?

Have you considered how your customers could use your product or your service as a remarkable experience?  Seriously, I want you to think about this!

Once you have it, turn it into a visual experience at the top of your page and your followers will want to try it!  Sesame Place pulls this off spectacularly. Sure, they could feature a lineup of big bird and friends or a super fun water slide; but why not showcase the heartwarming display of affection between a child and their favorite character? Makes you want to bring your children or grandchildren to share that experience doesn't it?

# 9: Spotlight A Special Offer

Companies that simply sold their products or services in the past now attract customers with extensions of their services such as classes, social experiences, workshops, and more. They do this because people want experiences.

Don't just sell the product or service, offer the experience!  Does your company have a product or service that is easy to deliver on or is an "entry-level" offer but still has a high value to your customers?  Feature this offer on your Cover! 

Provide this product or service with the same level of professionalism as your high-end line.  Here at Crystal Vision Marketing & Consulting our experience has been that when a client has a pleasant, professional experience with one of our promotional offers, they also enjoy working with our team on our next level or premium services.  Oh and be sure to gather their feedback about their experience with you along the way!  

Here's How We Can Help...

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