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Your facebook cover is like a HUGE social billboard.  The recent facebook change might be hurting your business.  Is your image cut off on mobile? Are you missing opportunites to engage?

Our team is available to help you change your non-stimulating “Huge Billboard” into an eye catching, informative, reputation authority building call to action.

Our Story

Bobbie Nabinger

Owner and Founder

“If I had a crystal ball and we could see your business in the future, tell me, what would you want it to look like?”

For many years I would begin consulting a new client with this question. As my client base grew, it became clear that I needed to ask myself the same question.  

I needed to get crystal clear about the direction of my business, the services to offer and the clients we would serve. So I dug out my crystal ball (no I’m just kidding 🤣 ) to get a crystal vision of the future of my business.

The summer of 2016 Crystal Vision Marketing & Consulting became the official name of my boutique marketing agency. Don’t let the description “boutique” fool you.  We have grown consistently by helping each client get a crystal vision of what they want their business to look like. Then we deliver results with innovative solutions that do old things in new ways.

We know that the marketing world is always shifting. Yet the marketing world will never be the same in this pandemic adjusted economy.  We know it and you know it.

A deep gaze into our crystal ball has revealed the need to streamline our services and proven strategies to focus on what businesses need most right now… better ways to reach more customers and better engagement with their existing customers. That is what it's all about!

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Our team is small enough to give you personalized service and big enough to stay cutting edge with proven strategies that really move the needle on your bottom line. 


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