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Our Self Service Clients 
have a Do-It-Yourself mantra by nature.   We've noticed they usually fall into  two categories:
1.  Dedicated DIY - Our clients in this category are typically smaller businesses that are interested in conserving financial resources.  They are willing to do the work need to grow to the next stage. 
2.   Full Staff DIY - Our clients in this category typically has staff that is currently handling the marketing and simply needs the right tools for the job. 

  Our Managed Service Clients
enjoy the collaborative nature of this relationship.  They tend to be focused on business  growth  They also typically fall into  two categories: 
1.  Self Service Upgrade -Often a
 client finds they simply do not have the time or energy to keep up their marketing.  They make the decision to upgrade their service to ensure that the job not only gets done, but gets and done right.
2.  Dedicated to Growth - These clients have made the decision to invest in their business growth right from the start. They enjoy their freedom to focus on the daily operations of running their business. 

Our Done-For-You Services 
are those services that our clients trust our expertise to "just take care of it".   Monthly Services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Directory Monitoring  and Analytics fall in to this category.  Today, every business needs an online presence.  We make it easy to blend you r 


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